The Perfect Pairing

ood company has the power to make everything more enjoyable.  New acquaintances and old friends are much like perfect pairings: They bring out the best of everyone involved, sometimes revealing qualities never before noticed.  Tobacco and a stimulating, intoxicating beverage are two ancient and primal pleasures that have long gone hand in hand.

Some cigar and beverage pairings are commonplace.  Coffee is a given; both parties have similar flavor, depth, and origin.  A fine cognac or whiskey have also gone with a good smoke.  Both bring bold and intense flavors to the table, assuring neither component gets eclipsed.  Even beer is a sought after accompaniment to a fine cigar.  Though it is often overlooked, the right glass of wine can be made even better with the right cigar, and the cigar made better by the right glass of wine.

A bold red is a good place to start, specifically a Chianti.  This Italian wine is rich, smooth, and full of dark fruit flavors like plum and cherry.  It’s dry and medium bodied, a great partner for a full flavor, medium bodied cigar like the La Gloria Cubana Serie R.  The flavors of each are both powerful yet refined.  A perfect treat before a good meal.

After dinner, order the Port.  An oak aged, fortified wine is high in alcohol, decadent, and full of flavor.  The ideal cigar for this dessert wine is the Kristoff Criollo, specifically the Lancero.  Grown entirely from Cuban seed in the Domican Republic and Nicaragua, the flavor is earthy and nutty with mild spice.  The cigar is long and elegant, much like the finish on a fine port.

It’s always the right time for Champagne, and it’s only fitting the perfect cigar for any time of day is the Perdomo Champagne.  The smoke is creamy and mild, with flavors of honey and baking spice.  The tiny bubbles carry the flavor further, and act as the perfect palate cleaner to prepare you for the next puff.
The most important thing to remember is that there are no rules with pairing drinks and cigars.  Try anything once, and if it’s nice, don’t think twice.

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