Bourbon Up In Smoke

he cigar industry is an old one, there’s no doubt about it.  Today, it seems every manufacturer in the business is making some attempt at “modernizing” the cigar.  Some of these sticks certainly fall flat on their faces, but not all of them.  A small handful of these new ideas have an impact on cigar makers and a provide an innovative way of producing and enjoying an American Classic.

Camacho is one cigar maker that has been thinking different for a long time now, and they hit a home run with their newest concept, The American Barrel Aged.  The smoke is packed and wrapped with 100% American grown tobaccos, a rare thing in a premium cigar.  Wrapped in an oily Pennsylvania broadleaf, the real magic in this stick is the special Corojo filler that has been carefully aged for at least 6 years.  After that time, the tobacco is aged inside an ex-bourbon barrel to deliver a real American original.

The unlit draw is a delight; bold notes of coffee, and burnt sugar.  The initial smoke is warm and soft boasting mild hints of baking spice, cocoa, and warm ginger.  After 15 minutes these flavors come together to make what I can only call snickerdoodle.  There is a defined sweetness from the smoke, too, and if I didn’t know better I’d guess it had a sugared tip.

The Camacho American Barrel Aged is a cigar that will go down in history, and one you won’t soon forget.  Find it upstairs at 2 Union Street.  Mention this post and get 10% off.

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